Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Elizabeth...

My dear friend Elizabeth...this is not near as much fun without you!!! I spent the last few weeks trying to get everything together for mass production of these goodie bags and "candy corn bark" for Baileigh's classmates and teachers. I found that a good friend, a sweet MiMi and a good BBQ Chicken Pizza makes crafting fun!! Oh, and a man that can cut a straight line helps too:) Miss you so much...


  1. COME HOME DORTHY and bring all your 15 little dogs toooooooo!WE MISS YOU MORE AND MORE EACH DAY...........COME FOR X-MAS and we'll light bags on fire and drive by that house 100 times!!!!!!

  2. Hey Banner! It is so fun to see you on here! Your kids just aren't little kids anymore are they? :) They grow up so fast!

    Those Halloween treat bags look really cute and fun! Nice work.

    SO how are you? I hope you are all well. Take care!